Tuesday 17 January 2012

Breakfast in London


I made this card last  summer, for the WholePort competition. I find out about them from Ann Martin and wanted to give it a shot. So, WholePort wanted us to make something out of their paper. I received this beautiful, soft origami paper from Hong Kong. I was so excited!

As a child, I was no more then 10, I played a lot with textile ( fabrics ). My mother allowed me to use her new sewing machine. Out of her old dresses from the late sixties, I made a skirts for myself.

My first job was to sew clothes. As a teenager I worked for a lady who was so nice to me all the time.
So those papers reminded me on fabrics and I wanted to "sew" a paper card. A card is not too big, 15.5cm X 7.0cm X 2.0cm.

Something about it reminded me on early morning, well no too early, clock shows it's 10:05 am, but cozy, girlish little room somewhere in London. That's where the title comes from. I wanted to add a small cup, teapot with cookies and an open book. I had so little time to make it so I still find it unfinished. I also wasn't satisfied with my curtains and wanted to make it right but my daughter decided it was hers and took it into her room so I had no authorities any more.

Monday 16 January 2012

За Шерил/To Cheryl

Hello everybody! Hope you had great New Year celebration, Christmas Eve, and, of course Christmas. I think it's not too late to wish you all , who celebrate it on January the 7th:
Мир Божји, Христос ce роди!
Ваистину ce роди!
 Peace from God! Christ is Born!

За све хобисте са ових простора, посебна напомена, уколико нисте знали, да постоји бесплатан магазин ( да, бесплатан ) Do!ts у којем можете наћи све у вези рукотворина. 31.јануара излази нови број, а до тада погледајте први број овог изузетно квалитетног магазина.
I've been quilling these days. You'll be able to see it on January, 31st on new, great on-line magazine from Croatia  Do!ts that features all sorts of handmade stuff and crafts. It's gathered of fantastic people. Check it out till next number come out! 

Few days ago, I was expecting an important mail so I wanted to check if there were any news. And for no reason, I checked my blog status, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw on my key sources that someone was on my blog searching for "unselfishly friendship"! Twice! Thank you Google! I know that friendship is unselfish by default, but that's not the point. This post is, also, about friendship.
Most of you saw it on Cheryl's blog but I want to have it here, too. And say a few things.  I know, and I'm glad, that luckily it's not all about money, but Cheryl sent me, just like that, lots of stamps, brand new, that I could never afford them to myself. That's unselfishly friendship, right?
I received, among other things, beautiful little sheep from Cheryl. How lovely it is! It's from her Nativity set but it also reminds me of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's "The Little Prince" and his sheep! This is how sheep looks like:
And it's so nicely packed! Cheryl pays so much attention on everything. Real pro! Have a lot to learn from her.
I made the smallest card (  maybe about an inch ) that should be replica of this one Cheryl's card
This is my version of Cheryl's sheep card :)
And bird cage with free bird and a candle inside of it.
Another view