Цвјетне честитке и слике / Cards with Flowers




 Дан и ноћ


Божићне и новогодишње честитке/Christmas Cards

Новогодишње честитке /  New Year's Cards

Позивнице и честитке за вјенчања /Wedding Invitation Cards and Wedding Cards

Мале честитке/Small Cards


Cards with Initials for Kids


Навијачке са иницијалима/Initials

Baby Cards

Рођенданске честитке за дјецу/Birthday Cards for Kids

 Graduation Cards

Happy Anniversary Cards


Честитке са митивом жита / Wheat 

Кућице / Houses


 Дан заљзбљених/Valentine's Day



ileana-carmen said...

Your work is beautiful and original. I have what to learn. I am a beginner, but, if you have time, please visit my blog. I wish you a "Happy new year" 2011!

Dr Sonia S V said...

This is so exquisite.
Lovely. Especially the 3 D ones!
Dr Sonia S V

painted princess collection said...

Your gallery is extraordinary dear I liked the quilled flower arrangments.Thanks for sharing

amrita said...

Beautiful work...

Anonymous said...

this is the most neat and pretty quilling i've ever seen ...
well done !
<3 =)

swati said...

love ur work,so good and innovative

Carolina~ said...

beautiful, cute, adorable, I like your collection, Greetings!

aparna said...

wow............ its magnificient............. ur work is so creative .... i simply love it

A French Accent said...

Beautiful! How do you do the baby bib for your baby card? It seems impossible....

Andreia said...

I really admire your work - it's a source of beauty, awe and inspiration. And so many accurate details... wow

Unknown said...

Hola, es maravilloso tu trabajo, estoy empezando y me encanta, me parece que tiene mucha magia!!!! soy de Uruguay y acá no hay muchas herramientas ni personas que hagan esto. Saludos y felicitaciones.