Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Бродић за Илијин први рођендан

Честитка за Илијин први рођендан. 
Inspired by Iza.


Shylaashree said...


Te4eto said...

Прекрасни вълни! Да му е попътен вятъра на малкия рожденик и да му е слънчево детството!

Quilling Wonderland said...

Aww!! Good to be an inspiration for such an amazing quilling!! I was thinking about you lately, and I was wondering how are you doing! I've been busy with the all social media stuff, but I think I finally discovered how to leave a comment on blogspot ;) I changed too much in my blog to make it as easy as it was!! Merry Christmas!

a paper {life} said...

another amazing quilling project Suzana. Every detail is perfect.

and Iza is a brilliant quiller too

Baukje said...

brilliant and beautiful colors!
Greetings Baukje

quilled paper paradise said...

Prekrasan motiv i jako precizna izvedba! Svaka čast!

ManuK said...

You did a great work, Suzana! I've always admired your attention for the little details!

Happy Quilling!

Pritesh Dagur said...

Beautiful one Suzana :)