Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Дипломска честитка / Graduation Card

Прије неколико недјеља, примила сам захтјеван задатак: направити 4 логоа. Мој блог је препун Соњиних честитки, а ово су само неке од њих.

I made this card few weeks ago. Had to wait till Sonja's friend graduates. This is the first one and the most difficult. So many details and yet such a small card. It's a logo of Faculty of Civil Engineering . Really good logo!!! Here are few photos!


Artes de Nágela said...

Must be so much work.
It's beautiful!

Paper Zen said...

Wow that's intricately detailed Suzana! What an amazing card!

Molly Smith said...

Suzana, this logo/card is amazing. Yes, it looks very difficult. The design is so distinctive and perfect! Thanks for sharing. hugs from Texas xo