Sunday, 2 January 2011


Well, I'm going East. 
I've always loved ikebana. I love to make them out of real flowers. We have a big garden with roses, decorative grass and stuff and I play with them all year long. I found on Flickr the most beautiful ikebanaby Zen-Images and got inspired to make quilled one. I specially liked this one and I invite you to take a look at their fabulous work. 

And here is my framed work with cherry blossoms and my husband's and mine names in Chinese. This was a Valentine's present for my husband. I love those letters!
 And this is my first framed work that I participated with at the exhibit show and went pretty well, by the way. I sold it ( to my mother's regret ) and bought a small drill to carve eggs. 
I promised to my mother and to my brother that I'd make them a similar one but in the meantime I made this bookmark for my brother. One step at the time:)


Kathy said...

Oh my oh my ...each one of your projects is simply amazing and stunning!!! Unbelievable :)

Ann said...

Each piece is wonderful! Congratulations on the exhibit and selling the fan too. The Chinese letters are just great and the bookmark is very handsome.

SUGANTHI said...

Your monograms are so elegant. I like everything in this post.

Сузана Илић said...

Kathy, Ann, Suganthi, thank you very much.

Cards by Cheryl said...

simply beautiful

Baukje said...

so beautiful I love your work!
Greetings Baukje