Friday, 27 May 2011

Још једно М/Another "M"


chillin with Quillin said...

Gorgeous love the colors, and how the butterfly blends in!!!

k@rin said...

also very beautiful.

I must say, I like it more than the other one. A very graceful M


Mihaela said...

Very nice! Love the "M", colors, flowers. well done.

Baukje said...

I really admire your quilling work is gorgeous!
can learn a lot from you I hope you do not mind if I make something of your creations
Greetings Baukje

Сузана Илић said...

Thanks Paula and Mihaela for your visit and support.
k@rin, I agree with you;)
Baukje, your quilling is something totally amazing and different. I see no influence of other people's work. It's so original and I think it would turn out completely yours. But, if you would like to make something of mine quilling, please, be my guest. I would be glad to see it.

Ann said...

So lovely and perfect... the stylish, angled bow has really caught my eye.

Nágela said...

I love their work.

Nati said...


Катарина said...

Savrseno, ja se zanosim da pocnem da ucim da pravim cvjetice, ali dalje od kupovine daske i igle nije otislo. Divna si!