Monday, 10 September 2012

Happy Anniversary Card

Some time ago, Miss Sonja, wanted me to quill her specific card, for a specific occasion. This time, she mailed me a photo with a request to make a card that doesn't belong to me. When I saw the photo, my first reaction was:" Oh, I know her, that's Iza!". I visit her blog so often, follow her work ( recently more and more on her Facebook page as well ), I know her quilling and feel like I know her in person.

So, I have to thank Iza from Szalonaisa's Wonderland who gave me permission to use her lovely design and change it a bit. Later, when the card was already done, I was faced the fact that I didn't change it much!!! You can see it on her Facebook page. That just proofs how strong influence she has on me. I love the style that Iza, Cheryl and Sandy cherish. They have great sense of humor and their cards always put a smile on my face.
It became a practice - I had no time for proper shots but the good news is that in person looks much,
much better, not so dark. And, the recipient loved it. Yesterday was their anniversary so I'm posting it now and wish them all the luck in the world! 

In my version, this is a dog and a cat :) It had to be rottweiler and a kitty with one white whisker 
( thankfully to another fellow quiller Pritesh, I learned a new word :) )! Iza's original design is with two cats, lovely card.

Thank you for stopping by!!!


Nágela said...

Very romantic!
I loved every detail.
It's great to have you back having fun with their talented and charming creations.

Szalonaisa said...

Suzana,this card is so gorgeous!!! I can only imagine how wonderful it looks in real :) after all maybe I should try your dog and cat pattern :D

Suzana Ilic said...

Thank you, Nagela! It's so nice of you to say!
Iza, be my guest :D just a joke! I would love to see your version, I know it will look great!


gordelicious said...

Predivna je!!! :)

quilled paper paradise said...

Tvoja verzija je odlična! (sviđa mi se i original). Super je ideja psa i mačke. Pretpostaavljam da slavljenici znaju tko je tko. :D

Pritesh Ananth Krishnan said...

Awww, the one white whisker looks so cute! :D Suzana, I've come to use that tapered strip idea so often, I can't thank you enough for putting it in my head :) Such a cute card! And sure, this deserves much better photo! I hope you have some sun soon and can take terrific pictures of your terrific work :)

kasia23112511 said...

It looks so cute :)

madax1402 said...

Great idea! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love this model, composition and colours!!