Sunday, 30 December 2012


This is the way I've been doing it for years. I never post it before, thinking that, with all those handy tools, I have nothing to share about. But, I was asked to explain my way of cutting strips...So, for all of you who can't get precut paper or just want to see how it works...Here is a little tutorial as my due to all fellow quillers...

1. Drafting table; it's classic drafting table with ruler who can easily move up and down with a great precision, changing its angle.
2. Thanks to my neighbor Peter who supplies me with stainless steel. metal sheet, I place it under the ruler.
 3. Place a paper, align it with ruler.
4. Move the ruler to the left as much as you prefer ( I use 2 and 3mm strips ). Use scalpel for cutting. Repeat it many, many times :)
5. I also use my drifting table for making base for cards and envelops. Since I don't have standard card size, I always need different size of envelops. I make them by myself because I love to have them in the same color as my cards. One part of paper I cut with scalpel and the other one fold with scissors.
6. Fold it with finger, too.
7. Change an angle and fold it again.
8. This is how my handmade envelop looks like when it's finished. Little tape or glue and it's done.
9. Sometimes I need perforator. The best way is to place it close to the ruler and move that little red thing...


1. Again, it's standard guillotine but it was useless till my guys fixed.
 2. It has plastic which keeps paper firmly. You have to press it really hard so I have to ask one of my guys to do it for me ( that's why I rarely use it ).
3. Here is the thing: those metal L shaped sheets are screwed to wooden pieces. Can be changed it distance from guillotine and make your own width of paper you prefer.

 4. One the limiters are on their places, put a sheet of paper close to limiters, press plastic and cut it.
 Hope I helped!!!


ileana-carmen said...

Happy New Year and the best of all in 2013.

Sathya said...

Thank U so much, Suzana for sharing this wonderful informations...Very informative post :)

SUGANTHI said...

Thanks for the post Suzana, For someone like me who mostly use hand cut strips these are useful tips.

Andreia said...

It looks like a lot of work to cut all zour strips one bz one. I use a manual paper shredder which cuts one sheet of paper in 3 mm strips.
Happy new year and many gorgeous projects!

Sheetal Dalvi said...

This is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.
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Soraya said...

It's always interesting to find out how other people do/make their strips. I like your method because it looks like you get straight pieces.

Suman Pandit said...

Thank you so much for this post. I have been following you since long but have created a blog recently. You are on my Favorite Blogger list. I find your work inspiring and am grateful for your generosity in sharing your skills and ideas.
I have started a new blog, do visit whenever you have some time. I would be so happy if you join in. I hope to keep you interested in my work :)

Happy Crafting!!