Sunday, 5 December 2010


Last summer, while I was in the middle of my wedding invitations job, with a deadline getting more closer and closer, I was asked to make a birthday card for Miss Milica. I find her, Milica, to be an extraordinary person for several reasons so I just couldn't say no to her, not ever. I did a few cards for her before; I've already posted some of them ( "S" and "B" ). So, she called and just said :" I need a card, monogram, for Jana. She is getting 18, loves rock and hippie music.".
Few weeks before that, I was making for her an "A" which was supposed to be a fancy one, shiny, with  glitter, some girlish colors...I admit it, it was SO HARD to do. But, rock and hippie...well, that's my field. I had always wanted to have one of those leather bracelet with silver rivets and decided to make something similar. I remembered that I had some small piece of black paper, imitation of leather, and  late at night, I pulled out my sewing machine and did a decorate stitch all around ( I have many and many hours of experience when it comes to sewing leather shoes ).
Rest of the job required day light so I, just to make it a little bit more complicated, punched 6mm holes, made tight coils, made a bulge and placed it through the holes. Pendants and chains are also made of paper but I most enjoyed making clasp. I didn't want to glue it so it can move, just like on the real one. 
And, that was it. 
Here you can see details:
And the inside of the card. 


MariLynn said...

Amazing. I love how you did the buckle.

WhiteRacoon said...

So cute! It looks like real =) Love the buckle and the charms - adorable little guitar!
Inspiring work ;)

Сузана Илић said...

Thank you so much!