Thursday, 3 February 2011

Part IV

Стварно сам уживала прошле недјеље у оном "скочиблогу", како га ја зовем. Хвала Сенди, још једном, свима који су ускочили на наше мало путовање.
Мало сам се плашила како да изведем све то...да не одступим много од слике коју радим мјесец дана, а да ипак дам све од себе у скочиблогу. Али, ето, све је испало лијепо.
Гдје сам оно стала?! Да, код вјенчања мојих родитеља, рођења мог старијег брата и усељења ( и то баш на Божић ).
It was such a great blog hop last week, I really enjoyed. I have to thank to Sandy, again, and all the other "blog hoppers" including all of you who took a journey with us. 
I was a little bit afraid what to post and not to walk away too much from what I've been doing all this month. So, the stuff I took part with, fitted quite well in Sandy's plan. That's why you'll see some of already seen photos.
So, where was I?! My parents got married and soon after they got my older brother, a new flat ( just on Christmas, what a lovely present ).
Мој старији брат, па стан, па ја.
First, my older brother, a new flat
( what a lovely Christmas present )
and me.
Добили су кључ!
A new key!
Породица се увећава, срећни смо, наравно, али сада нам треба...
Here we are, with our new family member. But as family was getting bigger...
...већи кључ, тј. стан те се селимо...
...we needed bigger key, I mean flat,
so we're moving to the bigger...
...у најсунчанији стан икада.
...and the sunniest flat ever.
Ја бих за мање времена сашила нову него што ми је требало да направим ову од папира,али обзиром да се моја мајка толико трудила и пажљиво бирала завјесе за нови стан, морала сам и ја да се додатно потрудим.
My mother put so much effort and love looking for the right curtains. Similar one was in our kitchen.

Афричке љубичице моје маме.
My mother's Saintpaulia ionantha.

И, ето, то је први дио приче. Направићу малу паузу да направим нешто потпуно другачије за моју нову пријатељицу.
Видимо се ускоро!
And this was 1/2 of my mother's life story picture. I'm going to make a little brake. I'm so  impatient to start quilling something completely different for a new friend of mine.
See you soon!


Nena3110 said...

WOW, kakve divne stvari, a naročito ideja!
Posebno su dobre afričke ljubičice!

Сузана Илић said...

Hvala! Meni su posebno drage ovakve poruke;)

kasthurirajam said...

so pretty

nadornia said...

Maravilloso!!! Super lindo su trabajo
lo adore todo!!!
Mil gracias por compartirlo.

SUGANTHI said...

The curtains so so beautiful. Hope you come back to this project soon. It has become my favourite story.

Konfeta said...


Marilyn M said...

Each day I can't wait to see more of your family history. This is such a wonderful story and your quilling is awesome.

WhiteRacoon said...

First of all: WOW on curtains! and saintpaulias on the windowsill. Great job! So neat and lovely!
And the whole pic is really great! funny and informative! It's a great idea to make a genealogical tree this way =)

Katrin said...

Очень забавно и весело получилось!!!

Cards by Cheryl said...

It is absolutely beautiful. I love the curtains...and the rest of it too.

Ann said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts! Love every little detail and especially your mom's curtains. :)

Happy Quilling said...

This is just wonderful wonderful! I think your mother is so very proud of this! I added your blog in my blogroll, so I was wondering if you also want to add me in your bloglist. Thanks a lot!

Diana from Happy Quilling

Сузана Илић said...

Thank you all for encouragement. I will soon get back to this story.
@Happy Quilling: thank you for adding me. It's a pleasure to do the same.

Fio said...

How lovely!

I'm a quiller too (along with a bunch of other crafts) -- please let me know what you think or suggestions?

I got a little tired of Valentine's day things so today I quilled some musical notes for a violin ornament -- pictures here:

I hope you like it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just love. I have just recently started quilling and i hope some day i'll be able to make something so special !!!

Thanks for inspiration.

Bojanine tvorevine said...

Africke ljubicice su nestvarne,i onaj suncan prozor,divno:)

Maja said...

Ovo izgleda FENOMENALNO, svaka cast za ideju i naravno za realizaciju...prelepo... :D