Sunday, 1 May 2011

More Weddings These Days

Вјенчања су актуелна ових дана! Овдје су још двије које сам скоро урадила. За вјенчања, наравно.

Speaking of weddings...I made two more, actually three but one has already been seen on this blog...So, just a quick post with a "few" pictures.
 И, наравно, онај чувени џепић за паре који ми некад задаје вееелике муке!
And, of course, our famous pockets that, sometimes, give me so much trouble.
И још једна фотографија зато што много волим овај цвијет!
And just one more because I love this flower!


Molly Smith said...

You are amazing, Suzana! How in the world do you come up with these new, creative ideas? lol I love-love these designs and they look wonderful on the front of the cards. All perfect! thanks for sharing :) ~Molly

Nágela said...

Beautiful and delicate. I love red roses!

Ineskowa said...

These roses are beautiful. I am trying to do them, but I do not really come out yet.

Сузана Илић said...

Thank you very much, Molly! I own this to a special person who always orders and gives me new tasks :)
Thank you, too, Nagela and Ineskowa. I rarely do roses, they are too complicated for me, just like gluing them together. I see many experts around quilling world, it looks so easy when they do it. I learn all over again, every time I have to make them. Thanks, again!

chillin with Quillin said...

Lovely cards, and the flowers are gorgeous!!!!

Ann said...

So pretty. You definitely have a talent for this. Love them.

Regina said...


I agree with Molly!!! You are so talented and you do such amazing projects and I love all of them.

Have a marvellous week!!!!

teddy bear princess said...

oh my, the roses are look like real! :D

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SUGANTHI said...

Beautiful and elegant!

Ann Martin said...

Simply lovely - lucky wedding couples will receive these beauties!

Marilyn M said...

So glad to see your posts. I've missed seeing your work. Your work is amazing and awesome. Love the wedding invitations. Your Friend.

Сузана Илић said...

Thank you all. Hugs!!!

Philippa said...

Lovely, Suzana - I like them all!

teddy bear princess said...

I give you an award! :)
check it out
teddy bear princess


anandhirajan said...

very elegan creations

Dr Sonia S V said...

Wow the roses are so gorgeous. I love the way you have stacked them together.
Your new Follower
Cheers from Bangalore ,India
Dr Sonia S V
ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

k@rin said...


I love your blog.

Buy walking trough blogspot I came to your blog.
It is wonderfull to see it.

I became a follower.
I have also some quilling to on my blog. Hope you become also a follower of my blog.


greetings karin

Angel's Touch said...

Pozdrav :)

honeysweety said...

so beautiful, i like it